Measuring Return on Customer Service

How can you measure whether your organisation is getting a return on customer service? Overall, as I have written about previously, there are four overriding rewards that stem from the delivery of exceptional customer service.

These are:

  1. Return on people performance;
  2. Repeat business or visitation;
  3. Recommendation through positive word of mouth; and
  4. Recognition by industry and the wider community.

Whilst these four rewards are self-explanatory, the measurement of these can be somewhat difficult. Now this doesn’t suggest that in order to succeed, organisations must be measurement focused. Rather, to monitor progress on the customer service journey, there are some indicators that leaders need to look out for. But also, the same applies in reverse. If leaders focus on improving these indicators then there should be a positive translation to exceptional customer service.

In order to achieve the four rewards listed above, there are 15 measurable areas that I recommend that organisations focus on. Remembering that all 15 areas need to see improvements as they directly impact on the delivery of customer service.

Therefore, I am suggesting that 2018 should be the year to focus on getting a return on customer service by focusing on one measurable area every 3 weeks, right throughout the year.

Why 3 weeks?

These areas need attention all of the time. Exceptional customer service does not simply occur by focusing on these for a short while then never again, it is a continual process that requires a relentless pursuit to excellence. But for organisations that are starting the year off fresh, the best way to build these measurements into the business is to start of small and keep building on top of each one. 3 weeks is long enough to meet, set actions, gather existing data and agree on a way or communication structure to move forward. Any longer risks the danger of becoming ‘monthly or quarterly’ which loses momentum and commitment as distractions get in the way.

All you need to do is pick up the theme every 3 weeks, via following these posts or the hashtag #ROCS (return on customer service) right throughout 2018. Between each new area will be plenty of time to post any questions or comments about how you are tracking so you feel supported to move forward.

Here’s to a great 2018!

PS – we’re already nearly through January. Organisations take the first few weeks off and are inundated up until this point. Whilst a fresh start and focus on 1 January is ideal, it’s not always possible. Start getting ready, the 1st of 15 is coming the week commencing Monday 29 January.

Chris Smoje is a customer service speaker, trainer, facilitator and founder of the DIME™ Customer Service approach. Chris works with organisations and their people to develop a common interest and excitement about delivering exceptional customer service results:

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