Deliver Sustained and Long-term Customer Service Excellence

4 Steps To Deliver Sustained & Long-term Customer Service Excellence

What if you employed a team of people with service at their core? A team that is passionate about genuine interaction with your customers in a memorable way? A team guided by leaders and a business strategy that supports the execution of individualised service experiences and seamless processes? This is all possible for organisations who have a common interest and passion to work together in creating positive change in transforming their customer service through the following four steps.

1. Be deliberate in making customer service part of your business culture.

It’s not about doing different things, but doing the same things differently, with nothing left to chance. Customer service is carefully and deliberately designed to suit your business. All employees should be informed about, inspired by and connected with how this is done. Customers won’t see what is happening in the background — but the result for them will be seamless.

2. Develop human connections through service interactions.

Finding ways to send clear and powerful service messages in a world of technology and automations is through human interactions, not human transactions. A single moment will make a huge difference to your customers’ perceptions. It is important to understand how to interact with different customers, appreciate the positive impact of those interactions, and be aware of the many detractors to conveying a clear service message.

3. Leave positive memories with your customers and stakeholders.

Service is not only about connecting with customers on a rational level. By taking it to the emotional level, a stronger relationship develops. When this next level connection takes place, customers will take away something that they will remember — a memory. This is often unexpected and requires some discretionary effort, but works like magic.

4. Design total brand experiences at every point of contact for your customers.

Customer service extends beyond human interactions to create a complete customer experience of, and with your brand. Employees who recognise the importance of detail, credibility, consistency, and the various opportunities that can impact your customer will be able to deliver an experience consistent with what your organisation stands for. This creates a competitive advantage for your business over other organisations.

By following these four steps, customers will connect with your business and your employees because they consistently receive great service that adds value to their experience with your brand. As a result, they will recommend your business to others, be less price sensitive, and continue returning — even paying a premium for your service.

The benefits of exceptional customer service are enormous for your organisation, not only in terms of being profitable, but also internally, a customer-centred culture results from a productive and engaged workforce where there is a clear and measurable return on investment of employee recruitment and training.

Chris Smoje is a customer service speaker, trainer, facilitator and founder of the DIME™ Customer Service approach. Chris works with organisations and their people to develop a common interest and excitement about delivering exceptional customer service results: 

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